Car Washes Are Touchless ! Sadly Society Is Moving Touchless People Too !!!

Car Washes are Touchless !
Sadly Society is moving Touchless People Too !!!

Am I the Only One Noticing As Society Goes Touchless
People, Society are Less Happy !
Touching is NOT over Rated !
Maybe UnderValued

Sadly there are studies of babies being touched and not touched growing up. I believe the babies touched and held grow up very normal, happy and self confident. Yet the babies not held struggle growing up.

So what is the difference with people and adults being touched vs not being touched. Same outcome for adults who are touched and untouched,
as the babies.

Regrettable adults only teach and know what they grow up with and I'd say adults never change which makes perpetuating a touch less society, for many adults very sad !!!

Does anyone ever put all this data together to fix things for future people struggling ??? I doubt it ! FIXING this OBVIOUS PROBLEM WILL NEVER OCCUR !

What are Your thoughts ?

MinW MinW
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

We touch less because we have more technology to hide behind. Even war has become kind of anonymous in that we shoot from farther away when it used to be true hand to hand combat. Now we seem to only touch to offer comfort to the young and to lead up to sex