I like to flip my legs over my head and spray my face while I j/o. Sometimes I swallow sometimes I don't. I wish i could spare the theatricals and just eat it out of my hand or from a spoon or something. Anyone have any input?
irishslayer irishslayer
3 Responses May 9, 2012

I *** in a dry typ rubber cut the end off an suck it out

I tried to *** on my face doing the same thing you did. It did not work for me though. I tried it twice but my *** hit high up on my chest both times and did not reach my face. It was not a comfortable *** position for me so I have not tried it again.

i loe to do that as well, the feel of hot *** on my face, maybe trade pix?

Never took any.

You want to?

Not particularly. I don't like guys, sorry. I just have a *** (female and my own) fetish.