Bet Gone Awry...

My wife and I have always had a healthy sexual relationship. We never felt the need to stray, though we were open-minded about sex. We also like to discuss the subject of sex with each other and sometimes get into arguments about it. We each thought the other sex had it easier when it came to seducing a partner. This was the source of our disagreement that led to our little bet.

”Men definitely have it easier. You walk into a bar, pick up a slutty girl, go to a motel, **** her brains out, and leave,” she said to me. I replied, “Most men will have sex with just about anything female. You flash a little thigh and you will have ten guys drooling over you.”

“That would never happen and you know it. I never had boyfriends until you came around,” she retorted. I hugged her and squeezed her ***. “Wanna bet?”

She smiled and said, “Sure, but how are we going to prove it? I don’t exactly have a bunch of test women to do a scientific test.” I replied,” I did not mean bet that women have it easier, but we can make it so. I meant YOU would have guys drooling over you.”

First, we decided what each of us wanted from the bet. She said that if she won, we would have a baby. I had been trying to delay the inevitable, but I decided to let her have that as her prize. I told her she would have to be my sex slave for an entire week and do whatever I asked. Then we had to set the rules. This proved more difficult.

We decided that it would be her and I performing the test. We both agreed that we both had to genuinely try to succeed. Since we did not want to feel uncomfortable, neither of us would be required to actually have sexual intercourse with the targets, but only perform a sexual act. Giving a hand job or oral sex both counted. Getting felt up did not count. We would keep track of our own score and be honest about it. Since this required us to perform sexual acts with other people, we decided that for this set time period, we would pretend we were not married. That way we would not feel like we were cheating on each other. We also agreed that condoms should be used for obvious reasons. After settling on the rules, we had to work out the details.

We picked a Saturday evening. The goal was to commit a sexual act with the most members of the opposite sex as possible from 10pm to 4am. We rented two side-by-side motel rooms next to the club where the bet was going to take place. We also both kept our cell phones on in case of emergency. When we were getting settled in, I noticed that the walls were paper thin. I would be able to hear anything going on in her room.

On the chosen night, we had dinner and a few drinks together. At about 9pm, we went into our respective rooms and got dressed. We both dressed to kill. My wife came out wearing a sensuous black dress that came down to mid-thigh. I could tell she was not wearing a bra or any panties. I thought I might take a peek in her room part way through the evening to see if she actually was going through with the bet. We made sure we each had some condoms and then went to the club separately.

I entered to see my wife already dancing with a guy. I sat down and ordered a drink. I looked for a girl to try to talk with. A young woman passed my table and tripped. I got up swiftly and caught her. She thanked me and I asked her for a dance. She said she was waiting for a couple of friends, so she would dance with me later. I looked at the dance floor just in time to see my wife leading her guy to the back bathroom. I walk back there about 5 minutes later to see the guy walking out of the men’s zipping his fly. My wife soon followed. She commented that she had just sucked her way to one point. She went back to the dance floor and was immediately approached by a pair of guys. She danced with them both. I started to panic that she was going to think I did not even try. I started hitting on different girls. I finally got a bite and after dancing, I asked if she wanted to go to my room next door.

We got our stamps at the door and went to the motel. I let her in the room and we began to kiss as we sat on the bed. I noticed I heard noises coming from my wife’s room. The bed was squeaking and a woman was moaning. I heard a male voice loudly say, “Damn, Kaylie, you are a ****. Brian, we should switch in a few. Her *** is so tight!”

I figured Kaylie was the name my wife was giving out as her own. My girl was becoming nervous, so I turned on some music to somewhat drone out the noises. We kissed and I helped her out of her clothes. I kissed down to her wet ***** and began licking. I had her ******* in a few minutes, but I could only help think that I just had number one when my wife was already ******* numbers two and three. After I helped my girl *** she got up, got dressed, and walked out saying she just couldn’t handle the noises coming from next door. I went back to the club and found the girl who I had caught earlier. She agreed to a dance and we talked for a while on the dance floor. We necked a little during a slow song. I noticed my wife was at a table talking to three guys. She looked over and me and held up three fingers. I looked at my watch and it was already 1 am. I had picked this club because it was open until 4am.

I asked the girl I was dancing with if she wanted to go over to my room and she said she did not even know my name. I gave her my real name and she told me her name was Natalie, but all her friends called her Nat. We left and went back to the room. We kissed for a while and gradually took off each our clothes. She took the initiative, even though she started out shy. She started sucking my ****. I was thinking that if I could finish this, I would win in two ways. I would get to have sex with this sexy woman and win the bet, while keeping my dignity not being kept to a score of 1.

I brought Natalie up to a standing position and I kissed her. I played with her ***** with my fingers and kissed down to her breasts. I laid her down on the bed and got on top of her. We kissed and she pushed me over into my back. She took a condom off the nightstand and put it on my ****. She then lowered her wet ***** onto my **** and moaned. I then heard voices and the door in the next room opened. We were slowing having sex when I heard the bed start squeaking again. I figured my wife had bagged one of the men at the table.

After Nat and I both came, she kissed me and told me she was going to try to get some sleep. A few minutes later, she was asleep even with the racket going on next door. I got up and went out to see what was going on with my wife. I peeked through the slightly open window and saw that my wife was straddling a guy. She also had a guy behind her ******* her *** and one standing on the bed ******* her mouth. I knew the guy in her ***** was getting close by the strained look he had. My wife always clenched her ***** on each in-stroke, so it felt like she was milking your ****. It always drove me crazy.

The guy ******* her ***** came and she got up. The guy in her mouth started ******* her ***** and guy in her *** went back at it. They both came after a few minutes of ******* her two holes, then got dressed and left. I hid in the bushes until they left. I entered my wife’s room as my watch beeped 4 am. I did not realize I had taken that long with Natalie. My wife looked at me from the bed and asked me for my count. I said two and she shrugged and said, “I guess you win.”

I asked her for her count. She said that I had to **** her for her to tell me. I had counted six for her, including the first guy in the bathroom. I got undressed and put a condom on. “I don’t think you will need that,” she said.

I responded, “You did not win the bet though,” as I got on top of her and thrust my **** into her. She shrugged and began to tell me about how many guys she had that night.

“Well, you know about the guy I sucked off in the men’s room. That was really exciting because other men could hear us in the stall. I felt dirty, but hot as hell. Then, the two guys you saw me dancing with took me back to the room and gave me my first double penetration. They finished rather quick though and left. I am pretty sure they were just looking to double team a girl and go back to find their next victim. I saw them dancing with another girl later.”

I kept thrusting in and out and said, “Yeah, I heard you. The girl I had just eaten out left because of all the racket.”

My wife grinned and continued. “I returned to the club and thought I had forgotten something. I remembered later when I saw you leave with a cute girl. I left the condoms in the room. I figured I would just coax the next guys to my room. Apparently, the three guys that were talking me up when you left had heard about me being a naughty girl and asked me how naughty I really was. I told them if they came back to my room, I would **** all three of them.”

My wife began kissing my ear. She was really wet. There had been no need for lubrication when I had started ******* her. She began *******. After she finished the ******, she continued.

“They told me they would only **** me if I proved how naughty I could be. I asked them what they wanted me to do. They said I had to pick up a guy on the dance floor and bring him back to their table. Then I had to **** him right there at the table. I told them I would suck a guy off, but not **** a guy here. They got up to leave. I was not sure how many girls you had done something with, so I wanted to make sure I won. I agreed, thinking I would suck him until he came and the guys would get so turned on they would come with me.”

We continued ******* as she told me about picking a guy up and bringing him over to the table with the promise of a surprise. She told me that she had sucked his **** for about 30 seconds when the guys told her to do it. I was beginning to get close even though I had come with Nat earlier. That was when I started thinking about Nat, wondering if she was still asleep. The door to the room opened just then and Nat was standing in the door. She huffed and said she was leaving. The door slammed and I decided that there was not much I could do. However, I was no longer very close to *******. I guess that had brought me back down to reality. After the interruption, my wife continued.

“One of the guys pulled me up off the **** I was sucking and told me I had better do it. I shifted over into the guy’s lap and put his **** at the entrance of my *****. It slid in fairly easily because I had been so turned on ******* those other two guys, even though they had condoms on. I could not believe I was bare-backing a guy in a club in front of three other guys who were planning on ******* me. It turned me on so much.”

She rolled me over onto my back and started riding me hard. She was so wet, I could not believe it. She then said, “He came inside me. Before I realized what was going on fully, it just happened. You see, I told you that you did not need that condom.” I tried to take the condom off but she thrust back hard keeping me from removing my **** from her *****.

“When we came back here, the three guys who set me up to do that said I was nasty enough for them. When one of them asked if they should wear condoms, the other two said no. I was so turned on, I let them ***** me and begin ******* me in all three of my holes. It was so dirty, but damn it felt good.”

I told her that I had watched most her encounter with the three guys. She started ******* me so hard I came into the condom. She sighed and told me that I better get hard again if I was going to fill her with my seed. I guess she was going to get her prize anyways. I thought about my wife ******* 7 guys that night, 4 of them bareback. I started to get hard again and began looking forward to the week with her as my sex slave, but that is another story.

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