So Creamy

I have loved to suck dicks since I was 13 years old, a friend and I dared each other to suck each other, and I found out I really enjoyed it.
I have always enjoyed cd sex with women, but still enjoy a throat ******* from time to time. The most enjoyable aspect to sucking is the mouthful you get when he comes, soooo creamy and musky tasting. Which brings me to my dilemma, I have always wished I could be a German goo girl and take 24 loads at one time in my mouth before swallowing. But I love the actual act of sucking a good meat pole, I am afraid the temptation might be too much, I might swallow prematurely, before I get 24 loads. But if I can wait on all 24 , by then they might be able to get it up again? What do you think?
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

Younever know untill you try

I like my volumn, but no way would you be able to hold one third that amount

Ok I consed, but I like the taste, which you cant get when it is pump down the throat

I don't worry about jaw fatigue. I just work through it and keep going till *** is my reward.