I Did, Once

I've only gotten to do it a few times, but 69 with another man is an absolute favorite act. I love a mouth on my **** and I love a **** in my mouth, so what could be better?

The first time I got to try this (after years of fantasizing about it) I came first. I was worried that I'd lose interest and wouldn't be able to finish off my partner. (When I jerk off, I often resolve to eat my *** after but so instantly lose the desire after my ****** that I never have done it.) But I surprised myself and, even after I came, I was just as interested in making the **** in my mouth *** there. And it didn't take long.

A couple of years later, I again had the opportunity to 69 with another guy. We had started playing with each other in an adult theater and he suggested going to his nearby apartment and "coming in each others' mouths." I leapt at the chance.

Once again, I was experiencing the wonderful sensations of an expert mouth working on my **** while I was slowly bobbing on another's ****. I had produced a lot of saliva and was keeping the **** well lubricated, with my tongue and throat muscles doing the washing. And he was doing the same, creating the most amazing illusion of blowing myself.

This time I was going to pull it off: simultaneous ******. The idea of extending that fantasy of blowing myself to coming in my own mouth -- in reality, orgasming deep in another wet mouth at the same moment a penis in my mouth was spurting -- was probably the last remaining sexual fantasy that I wanted to experience in real life. If I could manage it, this was going to be the moment.

I was close and began to worry that I'd come first. I concentrated on the **** in my mouth. This lovely distraction was the perfect size and shape to blow. It had a moderately-sized head and tapered down to fairly thin at the root. I kept the ring of my lips tight to seal in the wetness, and massaged the head with my throat muscles on the down stroke. I was intent on getting him off before I exploded.

I stopped the bobbing for a bit and started licking his shaft -- first on one side and then the other. A minute or so of that had the desired effect. He began to thrust his **** in a clear sign that he wanted back in. I dove back down on his **** and, a few bobs later, felt his head swell. My own release would not be a problem. I had been fighting coming for several minutes.

We both exploded. I took him all the way to his base and tightened my tongue and lips. He took my cue and did the same thing. It was exquisite. *********** and swallowing at the same time, I had one of the most intense ******* in memory. We stayed like that for a long while, feeling each other's **** shrink on our tongue as our own did the same on his.

I'd sure like to repeat that some day.
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I have had guys *** in my mouth and loved the feeling and the taste as I swallowed their ***.It`s been a couple of months and I miss that greatly.

Yes please, we could be really naughty together

let me kiss u lets *** swap yumm