What's The Point?

If you're not going to swallow his load, what's the point of sucking his ****? Am I right? Lol.
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LOVE the way you think !!!

Right, you start it, you may as well finish it and never met a guy who has complained that you swallowed.

why would you not want to

Of course.....not doing so is an incredible waste of good protein!!

Myth. Obviously you've never had ***** in your mouth.

Hmmm...let me google this one on the protein..... I have tasted my *****... :)

No...it has protein..... it is close to 50% protein by weight.... thank god...hate to think that I had been lying to them that they could just skip breakfast if they....

Ok.... that's the ******* creepiest possible thing you could have answered with. Goodbye

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yes your right, its like doing a half a job, you have to finish it and then you get your reward

It's not my reward. It's his.

I agree with you 1000 percent

I'd think it be kinda rude myself ....since I happily swallowing any kitty droolies should be fair to return the favor anyways =3

This makes no sense.

It the greatest shortest conclusion all males will agree for
but the question is for the ladies , is it really tasty or what?

Suck one and find out

To me that is the whole point of sucking his you know what. His hot load is my reward.

His you know what? What is this, middle school? It's called a ****. Stop pretending to be a woman. You're obviously a guy with s woman's profile.

I couldn't agree more;)

thats right, when i suck **** i swallow and when i let a woman suck my **** i like a snowball!

the reward is the *** on your tongue and dessert is the swallow

you r right................. thats the point to suck a tasteless weird lollypop :P

Quite rite sister i like 2 get the **** rite at the back of my throat wen cuming,saves on mess n taste!x

I absolutely agree, because if your eating right your *** will taste really good

Nothing kills a mood quicker than a woman who has to spit it out or rinse her mouth out.

Yes, I agree ! When I am sucking a ****, I would expect to have him *** in my mouth and swallow that load. I think it is so sexy to watch a woman eat my load or share sucking **** and snowball !!

wow you sound fun and I agree I mean I lap up vaginal fluids constantly so for whoever I have sex with shouldn't have any problem swallowing my load!

well yea ! ! !

to the last drop i do

if makeing him *** is the idea then i could not agree more love................but you got to admit that some times makeing him NOT *** right then is fun to ;)

I still say sharing is always better

Omg you are so right! ;)

Not always, once you have the girl spit your seed back in yr mouth n u kiss n swap toll it's all gone don't matter who swallowed the most
Once you snowball you won't quit

Oh yeah snowball is awesome

You are so right.

unless you are talking about a foreplay blow job ! im my gf is sucking my **** to completion , she has no choice but to swallow my ****. i enjoy straddling her. all she has to do is open her pretty lil mouth and suck. i ll rock my hips back and forth and do all the work. ill **** her mouth til i *** and she swallows it all ! then we kiss !

That's right. Spitters are quitters.

Have had plenty of lovers along the way and it seems they either totally wanted my load in their mouth, or they didn't....no inbetween. In my experiences, those who didn't want me to *** in their mouth did however enjoy taking my load on the face. And then there were a couple of former lovers who enjoyed ******* me off at the end so they could see me shooting my ***. As long as we alll enjoy, that's what really matters.

My Owner would NEVER allow me to spit it out unless he had other intentions.

I have found this to be true too. One way or the other. The ones that want it in their mouth seem to think it is degrading to take it all over their face. The ones that don't want it in their mouth or to swallow are more than happy to have it all over their face. I like a woman that does both.

I don't care where it goes, in all honesty.

right on sis - you'll keep em happy and ******* back for more!

There is the facial option too

I've taken quite a few facials in my time!

Have to agree. It always seemed silly to suck a guy 'till you get some nice *** in your mouth then spit out. As long as he's clean there's nothing in *** that's bad for you, & it really doesn't taste all that bad, especially after you get used to it.

I would let you swallow my load any day :)

the hole point is to enjoy the warm rewards but i guess some don't like it ...