Licking and Kissing

after a bit of flliting in class we set up a date. She dressed in a skirt and a small tube top. After a nice dinner sitting in the car we started kissing. I slowly kissed her neck and watched her nipples get harder in her tub top. my hand massage her boobs and i kiss her tummy she pulled her top off. and begged me to suck on her nipples. She grabed my throbing ****. I pulled the hand away and told her no **** on the first date. I took her heels off and massage the feet and starte to kiss and llick up her legs. her panties were dripping wet as i put my mouth on her wet underwear i put my theeth on them and pull them off. I lick and her wet warm ***** lips and stuck my toung deep inside her my nose smelling and touching her ****. with my face bured between her leg in pinched the hot hard nipples i could feel the orgamas rise in her. She came hard and shot jucis on my face and in my mouth. Her legs quiver and she moad . I kiss her lightly she started to grab my hardness. NOt on the frist date i told her again.

The next moring there she show up at my place in a bikini top short short and 3 inch heels ."I'm ready for are second date"

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1 Response May 18, 2009

great,,, i just love eating a woman ,,john in colorado