Curiosity Put A Boy In To Panties

Monica Snyder with her daughter Page 15 and in the tenth grade, was given a gift by a Phillis Walker, “Monica hay my x has been gone now better than three years. I was wondering if you two would like a sweat little boy, Wyatt his dad named him after Wyatt Earp “laughing it goes figures. Monica grinning, “Why, not that I am saying no” Phillis, “Frank likes the boy alright enough just he wants to have our own children.” Have you filled for the custody papers or do you have full custody? I want no problems with child welfare.” Phillis giggled, “Already taken care of that” Handing the papers over to Monica to read.
Monica, “Okay now, give me the real reason you want me to have Wyatt.” Phillis laughing, “We think he is a sissy. I caught him going through the girl’s panties yesterday at the Salvation Army store “Laughing hardly containing herself. Monica grinned, “That does not make Wyatt a sissy, for it is very common for a male child of his age to have some curiosity about them-heck even Frank likes to see girls’ panties. Does that make Frank a sissy too?” blushing Phillis, “No just I though little boys paid no mind to that stuff” laughing from embarrassment.
Monica, “Wyatt how would you like to live with Page and I having Page as your older sister and I as your new mommy?” Wyatt cocked his head to the left, “Will you spank me and make me cry?” Monica smiled, “The answer to that I am sorry to say would have to be a yes. That is when and only when you have been naughty or just misbehaving other than that no.” Does she hit and bite” pointing toward Page Laughing Page, “No but I tickle little boys like you and the worst thing of all-I kiss them.” Yuck” shouted Wyatt you kiss boys?” Better than biting them.” Replied Page as she laughed.
Wyatt turned towards Monica and with a half-smile, “Sure I would like to stay oh, you also can be my new mommy, okay?” What about me?” You can’t be my mommy too. You can be my big little sister okay?” Page grinning, “I would rather be your big sister for it is hard to be your little sister since I am so much taller than you.” with a large smile, “Okay” giving Phillis a kiss and hug good-by. Page grinning, “Well little brother “taking hold of his left hand “I will show you to your new bedroom oh it used to be mine so don’t mind if it seem a bit girlish. Mom and I will change it to more of a manly style.” Once they had entered the bedroom, “Do you and mom have to change the room” asked Wyatt. Page taken back a bit, “Wyatt you like the room the way it is? “Grinning yea I do, please can I keep it just this way?”
Three days there when Monica caught Wyatt going through Page’s panties in her bedroom. Not wanting to scare him, “Wyatt did you lose something?” Wyatt spun around face red, “Oh mom, where am I this is not my bedroom! Mom did you bring in here to sleep? Monica laughing, “I would have placed you on the bed not going through Page’s panties. Now you quit your fibbing, why are you nosing through Page’s underwear drawers-you would not be thinking of maybe trying on a pair or two would you?” Me! Na not me can I go back outside I forgot my baseball. “Running passed Monica.
Monica grinning, Phillis may be right about Wyatt being a little sissy. ”Page eyes wide open and smiling, “Oh mom I have got to hear this.” Monica, “Well I caught him peroosing your panties this morning. “What! That little rascal how are you going to stop him, mom” Monica patted Pages’ hands, “Easy-he likes girls silky panties and I dare guest he also likes slips and petticoats too. Wyatt will be dirty when he comes back in and I will have him take a bath, then we are going to introduce our little Wyatt in to wearing pretty little dresses with the panties and all.” Laughing and wiggling like ants were crawling all over her Page, “Let me help please mother let me help!” I would have it no other way my dear.” Just glad Page was willing to go along with it.
Wyatt raced in to the house, “My team won the baseball game!” Monica grinning, “Good for you and your team I also see a little boy that is in need of a bath. Now why don’t you go and draw your bath water and take your bath, I will gather you up some clean clothes.” All smiles Wyatt, “Yea that sound good to me.” As he darted off to the bathroom to draw his bath water. Page was bedside herself when her mom turned towards her smiling, “I always hoped you would have a little sister. This is not what I was thinking of or wanted, still those old clothes of yours will get some use and I will not have to send them off to the second hand store.” As the two of them walked back to Page’s bedroom dragging a large box out of her closet and replacing all of Wyatt’s clothes placing them in his closets.
“Mom I need my clean clothes!” Honey just rap a bath towel around you sweetie you will find clean clothes in your bedroom” called out Monica as Page and her prepared for what could be a major battle. Wyatt laughing and all smiles came bouncing in to his bedroom stopping dead in his tracks eyes wide and his mouth a gape. What is going on Mom, where are my clothes? “Yet not sure what is going on rather he should cry or laugh. Monica knelt down in front of him, “Remember this morning?” Wyatt’s eyes wide with fear, “Yea but I didn’t mean anything-I’m sorry really I am. “Stammering as tears started down both his cheeks, “Please don’t spank me please?” pleaded Wyatt.
Monica with a warm smile, “Why should I spank you, yes you were wrong for going through Page’s panties without her permission. Yet curiosity is natural for a young boy your age so Page and I are going to help you satisfy your curiosity” holding out a pair of satin low cut pink panties, “Don’t you just love them and there just like you like them silky soft-here feel.” Wyatt started turn when Page caught him, “Wyatt why are you running now? We know you like them and want you to be able to enjoy them without sneaking behind our backs.” Monica pulling him towards her, “Now put your leg, throw there forcing the panty over his foot, “That’s it now the other one.” Pulling the panties up in to place, Wyatt crying, “Please I don’t want to wear them, please don’t make me please. “Hugging him, “Wyatt honey no one is going to make fun of you not even Page or I” kissing him and gently comforting him.
Lowering full slip down over his head, Page “Doesn’t that feel great against your skin? “Adjusting the shoulder straps not only to stop them from sliding down also to help with how the slip hangs. The dress was a bright yellow with white lace trim at the sleeves and at the neck. Monica buttoning up the back of the dress, “Now twirl around then squat down that way you get to see how it feels everywhere on you. “Wyatt knelt down then stood back up and twirled laughing as his eyes started to sparkle.
The finishing touches was white anklets trimmed in yellow lace with a pair of yellow Maryjane shoes, “Oh thank you Mom and thank you Page for not getting angry with me “hugging and kissing them both. Wyatt now with a sad looking face, “Does this mean I am a little sissy boy mom?” Page interrupting, “No just a little brother who wanted to know what it was like to wear girl’s clothing and what it would be like to be able to wear pretty pastel color satin panties and slips with petticoats. And that makes you a bigger man than all the bullies at school or in the world.” Hugging Wyatt then with a giggle, “Do you know any girls named Wyatt? “Wyatt’s mouth opening wide starting to laugh “No” Monica with a smile “How about Chloe I think it is a very lovely name.” Page laughing, “Yes that is just perfect yes!” With that all 3 of them eat a two dipper ice cream cone with all the fixings.
Oh for all you that believe a boy will turn gay I would like you to know by the time Wyatt was 16 his curiosity was satisfied. There was one last time he downed girls’ attire and that was for his one and only big sister Page, for he was her maid of honor. There was not one bad review even the guys were please and had no problems with it. The End

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Very good story.