Can Someone Explain

I am curious about same sex relationships....why is it that people choose to be with someone of the same sex to get away from the opposite and then turn around and one of them acts like what they are getting away from....i.e....of the lesbians i have encountered one is always "butch" and acts more male then most guys.....and with gay men one always acts more feminine then most women?
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Gay people are attracted to people of the same sex just like straight people are attracted to the opposite-its not to get away from the opposite sex and its not a choice-its how we are wired-the old butch femme stereotypes are fading away and many gay males are ultra masculine while lesbian couples can be very feminine (lipstick lesbians)-as a gay man I am not interested in feminine males-I like men who are men but not macho jerks just normal guys...I think you probably know gay men that you aren't aware are gay because they don't fit your stereotype...

I too have always found this puzzling, although in my experience it is not always the case, it occurs often enough to make me wonder.