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Can't believe I'm still here. In this marriage. Living this life. Putting up with crap from someone.

Hubby didn't come home last night...again. When he came crawling in at 7 am refused to talk to me, told me he'd slept at a buddy's house and said he needed sleep.

So I looked at his text messages. And there, at 6:30 this morning, was a message from him to his buddy asking him to pick him up and giving him an address. Hmmm.

Gentle readers, you know I'm not a welcome mat. I don't just let things like this sit. I woke him up, asked him where he was all night. He gave me the same effed up story. I called BS and told him I would call his buddy and check. He told me to call him, I said, "Ok, his number's on your phone, right?" He said, "No, don't think I have his number." So I reminded him that the guy had called him right before they left together and his phone keeps a call history so I can easily look it up that way....He just froze.

And confessed.

Picked up a drunk chick in a bar and took her home. Told me it was my fault for 5 different reasons, each of which I countered. Told me it's not really cheating...just swinging alone. Really called BS then. Told him he can justify it however he wants, but he deliberately cheated and LIED.

I can honestly tell you I am angrier about the lies. He could have texted me. Could have called . . .Told me he wasn't coming home, that he was taking some chick home, whatever. I'm a grown up and YOU know I'm not perfect... It would have hurt but I would have lived. And I would have known.

What a mess.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

No longer with him. Getting divorced.

That is a mess. Why are you still with him?