Please I Need Your Opinion

i hate my husband becasue he always tries to be the mom of our daughter. we just had a miscarriage but even before that it was like we're competing to take care of her. tonight he is puttig her to sleep and i think i am going to lose my mind. she's 5 and im tired of fighting. im the mom. why do i have to have a husband who was not involved for the first 2 years and now thinks he should be into everyting.. did i put sunscreen on her? does she have bug spray on? blah blah im the mom i know how to take care of her. im an excellent mom and he is driving me crazy. i stay at home and have dedicated my life to her and thus him but he has to have his nose in everything-llet me have something. . but no the whole world has to revolve around him. should i appreciate him or wold this drive everyone else crazy too. he wants to tkae her back to school shoppping and i thought sheand i would do that. am i justified or not appreciating what i have???
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One reason I LOVE being a single mom:)

You should def talk to him and tell him whats up. FIRST of all school shopping is a MOM THING hands down. IF you have a mom then it is 100% the moms job to take the kid clothes shopping/school shopping. The things DADS usually do are like bed time stories, putting the kid to sleep, maybe like a trip to an amusement park...<br />
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or you guys could do things togehter. <br />
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like going out to eat, or the whole family cooks dinner together...if he wants to be SO involved....let him! But if hes doing it in a way thats immature like--shes my kid ill do this by myself...just tell him hes being ffin immature and to grow up.

I too am a stay at home mom. It's hard effin' work! And to have someone move in on your "territory" is definitely annoying. My husband is in the navy and had to go to Iraq for almost a year. We have a son who is 3 now. He left and I was left with the job of being mother and father. And I know how hard it is to balance that. When he came home he expected to just jump in to do things his way. Quickly I let him know there needs to be a common ground on things. The biggest help in this situation is communication, I think. I would say talk to him... tell him how you feel. Whether it's right or wrong is besides the point. Talk it out and voice your feelings and hear his as well. Hopefully this helps you. :)