WILL Not Stop Yelling

I need to vent.  My husband is horrible to deal with on the weekdays.  As I type, he is currently yelling at me and he will probably continue for the next 10 minutes.  He loves to just get on me, get on me, get on me. 

AlwaysMrRight AlwaysMrRight
4 Responses Jan 22, 2009

i know how this is im currently dealing with this i have been with him for four years and he says he dosnt mean to yell, but he still yells at me all the time.

Ladies, if you gals let some *** hole treat you this way, then, you are indeed allowing yourselves to be robbed of a large part of the pleasure of life. Why do you think they have the right to do this? And if they don't have the right, then why, for God's sake, do you allow it? Ladies, cry all you want about being abused. but only you can do something about it. Ladies, quit selling yourselves short. You deserve better than that.<br />
This subject really gets my blood boiling. God made women to be man's partner and friend, not his slave or whipping post.

I hae a great husband except when every so often he get right in my face and yells at the top of his lungs and say foul words and tell me to f off . I am so sad I just cry myself to sleep. I just lose loe for him each time he does this . last night he did it again an onc again I just calmed him down by saying yes he is right what evr it is he is saying and went to the bedroom and once again cried myself to sleep. I have fibromylgia and before I met him I as okay but after thse many yrs of getting yelled at my health is failing. I am so sad . I am scared.

All marriages have arguments, but even then, there should be respect. The best thing to do in my upinion, is to get up and walk away.