His Cancer Can't Come Back Soon Enough

 He is a self-centered, abusive bastard, who never lets up on a chance to tell me that I cause all the problems in our lives. Tonight was no different. It was my fault that he set off the fire alarms, my fault for not wanting to eat the undercooked meat, my fault for leaving the table before dinner was done, my fault that he's been in men's counseling group for 20 years (oh, right this lame group has had 20 years to teach how to say It's not always my fault, but somehow that never enters the realm of possibility.). I want him dead and gone. My fault because I realize that the only thing he wants is for me to say, Yes, it's all my fault. What can I do to serve you your highness? I'm not going to. I do everything here already. I don't ask him to do anything. Shopping? I do it. Pay the bills? I do it. Take home pay - mine is equal to his. Take out the garbage. I do it. Laundry? I do it. All the kids' activities? I do them. Why was he cooking tonight, the first time in six months? Oh he was helping. Great help. It turned into another one of his dump fests. Don't bother helping me you stupid bastard. Just die already.

kalamazoogal kalamazoogal
2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

better yet get the insurance and buy him a moorcycle just "to say I love you" (make sure it's a crotch rocket, it will do the trick alot faster

I think the same things minus the kids. My husband does many of the household things because I would just do them wrong. He was exetremely upset that my parents sent me to school and allowed me to learn to read. Just make sure his life insurance is current and forget where the phone is when the time to call 911 comes.