He ****** Me Off

My husband doesn't back me up at all where our son is concerned.  I get to the point with the kid that I'm screaming at him and my husband just won't do anything at all about him.  He's in 7th grade and won't do his work, my husband gets home before I do and says he "tells" him to do his homework, but doesn't make him do it.  I don't get home from work until between 6:30 and 7 pm every day.  I ride the bus to work.  My husband finishes work at 2 pm and drives his car to work so he gets home much earlier than I do, but he just dicks around and doesn't do anything at all to make sure our son does his homework.  Right now my son is failing 3 out 6 classes and is getting a D in a fourth, but my husband doesn't seem to think he needs to enforce what I say as far as getting the work done.  Right now, I HATE HIM!!

jlvoahu jlvoahu
Mar 13, 2009