My Suffocating Crush

Being in high school I've only had a major crush one guy. We always see each other at sudden times and often but we never talk. I'm always so lost with my feelings and my friend has been talking to him for awhile and its just making me more and more angry sad and feeling awful. Most importantly she knows I'm absolutely crazy about him but she hasn't mentioned me at all.I'm so angry and heartbroken because it looks impossible for me and him to date now because he is looking at me less now and my friend is a big flirt which makes me angry because he might like her. It also makes me so heartbroken because he is the only guy I have been liking for months since the beginning of the school year and everything I see and she tells me about him makes me feel more and more that me and him would be perfect together. I'm just so sad and angry I don't know what to do anymore. I just can't stop thinking about him I feel like he's perfect for me.
delicateheart delicateheart
13-15, F
Jan 15, 2013