Living Life On Stress

It seems like the only way I can make it through a day is totally making mysef stressed out and angry. I don't think there has been a day that has gone by where I am happy go lucky person in about a year. This has difinately had its toll on my family and me both physically and mentally. It is like no one can do anything right no matter how hard they try. I know it has to be me sme of the time but I also don't know how to control it. Knowng that I do not know how to contrl this the depression sets inand is really hard to hide. Lately all this has made me start thinking of my past and what I should of done than what I have done. What if I did this rather than that? This will make me even more depressed because I know I did a lot of messed up things in my early life and maybei should not still be alive. I liveon because I have kids who ned me but they need a happier less down trodden mother any ideas out there on how to get out ofthis cycle?
mixedmutt53 mixedmutt53
May 14, 2012