Ill Equipped

I'm ill equipped to live in this confusing world.

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8 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Thank you, Swan. I'm glad you have faith in me, although I don't have much in myself.

My dear Robert I think we all feel this way at one time or another in our lives. The way things are going in the world, makes a person want to scream and say I can't take this any more. The world is a confusing place, but we can get beyond it all. I have faith that you will be o.k.

At least we can be confused .. It's always better with someone else along for the ride..^^

As usual Vox your thinking transcends the mundane. If anything I'm even more confused now ;-)

I felt this way too a while back. That's when i realised I was "Trying" to live, instead of feeling it was ok to just "be" . Realising this shattered my world, and put it all back together at the same time. It might not be your situation, but i wholeheartedly understand the state of utter confusion. For me it was like trying to understand what is predetermined "Sanity" Vs. the predetermined "Insanity" deemed by society. and then trying to understand the logic or (ill logic), behind the creation of these ideological prefabricated characterizations of human/product. I'm still getting to the bottom of it.. Anyway,.. there is much to be confused about, and it is normal. the fact that you're confused speaks to the fact that your intellect is still asking vital questions.. Just be glad it hasn't stopped..:P

I'm confused by all of it. That's why I'm so confused.

You have a good head there, you can do it!<br />
What do you feel the problem is?

You can do it. Sometimes it hard, but you can do it.