The Snob At Whataburger

I have cussed people out at several places but whataburger was the most recent one.I was with my son he was pottytraining and i came in the restraunt it was packed.I told about 6 people excuse me while I tried to maneuver a dancing child I gotta go gotta go mommy!!so I get to this snobby old lady with a cellphone I said excuse me mame tryin to get by.she just ignores me I say lady tryin to get to the bathroom!!so she just rolls her I say my son needs to pee!!so I shove past her she says you have no manners!!so I take him in the bathroom he pees washes his hands.I come out order food sit down she comes to our table..u are rude young lady I hope your child doesn't get your manners.I said look my son had to pee you were blocking the bathroom you are so wrapped up in your phone you don't notice anyone.she says people like you..I said ok ***** next time ill let my kid **** all over your shoes and went back to eating.when I left I was crossing the street with him she almost ran us over so with window rolled down I know she heard me say f u *****.I don't care who I tell off if u deserve it ill say it

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I would have really moved the old bag out of our way. when a child has got to go they got to go.Been there many times.

That lady was a female dog. Im glad you told her what you did.

Didn't you notice that it is a one person world these days.<br />
I think it is a lost generation,and the improper edicate for phone use.<br />
I believe if your going to use a device, check out you surrounding to see<br />
if it a good place to be.<br />
It is thier personality, some are desensitised from a child from thier own actions.<br />
Common sence must have gone since we are in the 21st century.<br />
Really mature not to leave but come back to your table?<br />

the lady must have came from California, thats the way they act here too, sad, sorry she messed up your day

I'm not surprised or shocked by this, but you might have known you will never overcome arrogance with common sense. See, she had every right to block that door, because she was the one blocking it. And you had no right to expect her to move out of the way. That's why she said you were rude. People like her are becoming more and more common and less and less tolerable. I'm glad you stood up to the *****.

I read this story and I thought, YEP, been infected with these folks myself!!! Last time I was preggers, I had Gestational Diabetes. Strangely, it would plummet below 70 as often as it soared above 150. One day, I was walking through Target, about 34 weeks along when I got bright red and started sweating and shaking. I sat down, confused, cause that's what low blood sugar does to you. My eldest was with me and knew what to do. She went into our cart and grabbed the Cheez-Its and the peanut butter, opened them both and started shoving them in my pie-hole. I was still shaking and had a bad headache when some worker there comes around the corner and starts freaking out. She was maybe 18 or 19. As she's blathering on and on, I'm not getting better. My daughter takes my blood sugar and it's 62 -- almost time to pass right out and call 911. So, she's ignoring the worker who grabs her arm and tries to stop her from opening the bag of Hershey's kisses. Cleary, when you see a sweaty woman, very pregnant, sitting on the floor of Target, with a teenager shoving food in her cake-hole,.. CLEARLY there is a medical emergency. But no, this moron calls security. And she's being rude and awful but I couldn't even relate to her. Just sat there. Well, the security guard gets there and was just dumb-founded. He called the manager and there was a little pow-wow right there in the aisle. This was the first time I ever heard my daughter utter the f-bomb. Though I don't remember exactly what she said,.. the result was that we got some coupons for discounts off our total bill and I sat in our car in the McDonald's parking lot wooofing down yogurt, cheeseburgers and a chocolate shake! Wish I had been in my right mind and gotten that girl's name,....

there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind well done!

The other day some guy would not even get off his phone long enough to place his order at Burger King. He stayed on the phone the whole time and held up the line while he took his time ordering between conversations on the phone. I didn't say anything, but I did think some not so nice thoughts. It is amazing how rude some people become when they are glued to their cell phone.

WHATABUGGER! (her, not you)

Maybe she lived in the RR...she was guarding her castle. Naw she is probably just a dusty old *****.