So about a month ago there was a problem in my section in band, I'm a proud low reed section leader, and we had to go outside to settle our differences. We were there for a while. I told them why I was being a really weird leader, it was because I was having a bad summer. My parents were fighting again and so I was "reacting" again. They found out. I really didn't want them to know. It just happened. Later that day, after I left they were pulled aside by our instructor. She asked them if I was a good leader and all that and so they told her why I was acting funny. This was a while ago, and I just found out about this a few days ago. These people in my section are two of my best friends. I still don't know what to think about them.. Should I forgive them and let it go or what should I do?? Any advice?? Btw sorry this is such a long experience.
Wallflower5906 Wallflower5906
18-21, F
Sep 1, 2014