And I Think I Did a Decent Danged Job

I think it looks sexy, but that's just me.  :) Mapleman, if you look at this, teach me how to put pictures in my story like you always put in yours.


Thanks, Lexus!  ;)  I got it figured out.  Yes, I think it's sexy.  ;)  Good job me! 
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Thanks! I do too! :)

and, btw, I was sober when I cut it. lol

LOL you'll have to drink appropriate amounts of gin before visiting this barber. lol and now, dammit I've had enough that I'm having a damn hard time typing. lol first I wrote I'm having a damn hard time drinking, but, lol obviously, that is false.

awww....CUTE<br />
<br />
Id like to make an appointment please

Yes. In edit view it shows.

does the picture show in edit view?

what the heck is photobucket? I guess if I do a search I will find out, eh?<br />
<br />
lol I am pretending to be Candadian (and the extra d is on purpose) lately. I like to say: "eh?"

Thanks Lex, was wondering that myself....But it is always nice to talk to the MAPLE Man....

mj.....upload the photo into photobucket or some other photo hosting site...<br />
<br />
then you can click the little photo link in the story box and add a link tha will cause the photo to display

LOL ha! Grams you crack me up!<br />
If maple is around, he can teach me how to put the picture in my story instead of having to change my avatar. I don't want to change that again. I like it.

Brave girl.... But yes you are right your hair is very sexy, and coming from a straight woman you can take that to the bank...I believe " coming from a woman is more correct" any woman..