I Usually Do Fairly Well

but the last one i gave myself was a complete disaster.

basically what happened was this: i was totally pissed off at life,

i was home alone,

and i had nothing on which to take out my anger.

so i took a pair of scissors and started hacking away, empire records-style, until my hair was unrecognizable and, quite frankly, ugly. there's this little piece in front, right on my part, that especially refuses to behave. a lot of the time, it's sticking straight up. it's terrible.

at the time, i didn't care in the slightest. my feeling was sort of a rebellious, "if they care that much what i look like they can go to hell" sort of thing. but when i woke up the next morning, i was more in a "what the hell have i done" area.

hopefully, i can my friend to help me fix it. she's good at this sort of thing.

i think the moral is: never cut your own hair when you're angry.

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3 Responses Jan 6, 2008

okay wierd reaction, but I totally admire what you did, I wish that if you were feeling a certain way your body would reflect it and I think that you did an awsome job of that.

yeah, me neither. ha ha.<br />
i guess this is mostly a learning experience for me,<br />
i actually find the whole thing quite hilarious

I wish i would have read this sooner...I did the same thing on new years eve...lol I think mine turned out okay,.I didn't really care at the time..:)