Always Have, Always Will.

 I think everyone cuts their own hair - or at least everyone that I know.

Personally, I don't trust anyone besides myself to touch my hair.
It seemed all too often as a kid, I'd go to get my hair cut, then leave devastated wishing I could glue the hair on the floor back to my head. Or I'd cry.. and that was bad enough.

So at around.. fourteen, I stopped. I stood in front of a mirror and I started cutting my hair on my own.
I always knew what I wanted and so all I had to do was mimic what I saw in my head.
Therefore: There were never any mess-ups.

After seeing what I could do to my hair, my older sisters had me cut theirs.
I was hesitant at first, but eventually gave in.
Thankfully they actually liked it, because secretly I was terrified that I'd mess up.


Then, when I came up here to visit, my little sisters and their friends started having me cut their hair.
(Styles which our mother fought against for looking too "-insert label here-" and lost.)
Which progressed into no-one touching their hair but me or themselves.
And that turned into requests by friends and friends' mothers for payment.


However, usually I reject most requests (even ones for money), because frankly I'm not professional and I don't plan to be.
Plus, I still have that horrid fear that I'll mess up and then they'll murder me. (:


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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

A month isn't that loong, I bet it's okay. I only snip at mine when I'm bored. Today I just ripped knots out of it though. The ends get really knotty after motorbiking cause I like the feeling of the wind in it. And then I couldn't be bothered washing it again today. So I attacked it with a brush, which is always a horrible experience. It's resting now. But the helmet hair is gone.

Ahaha. Well, I'd like to think the water on the island makes people do crazy things.<br />
.. Like ask me to cut their hair without even meeting me once. (:<br />
<br />
I need to do the same. It's been almost a month.. and I haven't really cared to touch my hair. Eh. I'm lazy.

I cut mine and my friends' (sometimes) hair, but no one's ever offered me money, hahaha. Different values eh? Plus... I'm not that good. I keep meaning to cut my hair this week. Fringe is in eyes. Oohp, just a little note to self there: Cut hair tomorrow.

That's one of the things I dislike about getting my hair cut by a stylist.<br />
When you tell them you want something, they imagine something totally different, or they just guess and go for whatever they like. :/<br />
<br />
<br />
Ahaha. I keep my hair fairly short now - just below shoulder length.<br />
It used to be INCREDIBLY long.<br />
<br />
And to solve the problem about seeing behind your head: I usually stand backwards to a mirror, and hold a mirror in my hand. (: