I cut my hair once, and learned why my hairstylist gets paid the big bucks to do it.  I messed up my hair so bad that she had to cut it short. Not only did I cut it though, but I had highlighted it with a golden red highlighter.  It looked horrid on blond hair.  She made me vow then and there that I would never complete home experiments on my hair.  She even said she would do my hair for free in the future instead because she couldn't have people thinking she did that stuff to my hair. lol

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I usually cut my own hair but it's easy, because it's just basically long. But I do layer it sometimes! Eh, if I mess it up I can wear it up for a few weeks. :)

And the reason I do that is because when you go to a salon and you have long hair and you say you want a trim they frequently take off 4 or 5 inches!! I haven't found a stylist here that I trust yet.

yeah i did that once as well. i will never attempt that again

you did good you have free hair days now.

I am still trying to figure out if the caps was just a typo or has some hidden meaning to it!

LOL squadi.

Lol, Thats almost as good as when my bf came to America on Holidaya nd we took her to the casino. She was 20 at the time and had to be 21 to gamble. They asked for her ID and ask how old she was. She stated 20years they took her to a back rooma nd asked for her hair color and she stated rainbow. lol Because she had dyed it two days tried to bleach it two days earlier and it tured multi colored. lol x

LOL good reason as she is a greAT STYLIST.

Wow, I am off to cut my hair ciao!

Just to get that damn annoying dude to do it for free to me too.