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Since I was 13 I haven't trusted anyone enough to touch my hair with scissors. If someone wants to dye it or mess with it I'll gladly let them for the simple fact I can always change there mistakes or my dislikes but asking to cut it is pretty much a threat to me and I will lash out. My hair was once long enough to barely touch my butt and I knew I'd cut it soon simply because it was a hassle to take care of. I cut it to my shoulders a couple days after my 15th birthday and gave it all to 'Locks of Love' with a smile. I remember how amazed they were with all the hair in the bag and they couldn't thank me enough. I think I'll do it again real soon.

crossbonesandstars crossbonesandstars 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 30, 2009

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Yeah it's a wonderful place and I felt so amazing after doing it. I look forward on doing it again one day soon, I hope you give on your next cut it will make you so happy.

Thanks for the comment.

good for you! locks of love is a great thing to contribute to. i used to have very long, almost butt-length hair that i cut last year, and i wish i had thought to donate beforehand. as it was, the whole cut was spur of the moment. if i decide to grow it out again, then i'll try to plan my next cut better!