I Don't Trust People With My Hair.

At all. 

People see my hair and they think, Ooh!  Play time!  Haha, I do not think so!

I cut my own hair because I only cut a couple inches off each time, when other people try cutting my hair they want to take six to eight or more inches off.  No!  I would not look good with short hair.  Women with "fuller" faces do not look good with short hair cuts, sorry to break it to you.

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6 Responses May 21, 2009

Hi, I noticed in your story you said that when people see your hair they think "play time". What do you mean by that? What does your hair look like? I also agree that many hairdressers like to cut off more than then they should.

A good hairdresser would listen to their customer. I had the same problem, and finally found someone who understands I like having the feeling of a good head of hair without it looking like it needs to be cut all the time. There are cuts for longer hair, hairdressers don't need to cut hair so short all the time!

I completely agree! Plus my hair is fine so I need some weight to it.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Short hair would just accentuate my fat face and I like to hide behind my hair too.

lol, this is why I hate hairdressers!! and most ppl hu want to cut my hair! my mum has been trying to get me to have a bob cut since I was about 10 ! (18 now) I have a round, chubby face! a bob cut would make that 10x worse! plus my hair is like my security blanket or summit, I hide behind it lol

That is why I don't go. Because they want to chop my hair all off and I freak out. I went in for a coloring and the woman said, "I'm going to take about six inches off" I was like, "Umm... No you aren't!"