No Regrets At All :)

I had really long hair until about a week and a half ago. Long, achingly straight, Barbie-esque blonde hair that reached to my waist. It was beautiful, I admit that. The way it caught the sunlight and the attention it got me was worth the effort.

But then things started going awry in my life. I got stressed, and when I get stressed, I change absolutely everything in my life. I can't stand constancy, same-ness.... so I let my (drunk, high) ex hack my hair off... and it's never looked hotter.

At first I was like, "OMG, what have I done! My hair, my hair!" but then I realised: If I don't like it, there is such a thing as hair extensions. We live in a plastic, fake world, after all. But I loved it, once I learnt to style it. It's just above my shoulders, with a sideswept fringe and it looks so awesome. It's got dark highlights and hot pink streaks now. It. Looks. So. Hot. I should've done it years ago :)
ISawIDreamed ISawIDreamed
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012