Last Week

Woke up on Sunday and the thought hit... "I"m sick of long hair", so off I went. It's summer, way too hot here and I just don't have time. I didn't cut it too short but about the neckline. It grows fast so no worries and much cooler. It wasn't long enough for locks of love :( but maybe next time. Needed a change and this is where I decided to start.
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6 Responses Jul 31, 2010

And I usually get mad and cut my own but needed a change. Don't do it often, think the last time was christmas eve in fact. Brut I think you should go for pink w/ black highlights. :)

right on, Split! A visual alteration can affect our attitudes and feelings about ourselves! I always feel great after I cut my hair-but it is funny, I usually cut mine in the winter :-)

It works... very la<x>yered and looks different each day.

Did it turn out ok?

I went in with it straightened and she kept saying "are you sure your hair has curl"... yeah walked out into the humidity and proved my point. Just need to get used to it, lots of la<x>yers. :)

I am at that point myself, tired of the long hair but I don't do really short hair that well. Looks dreadful on me, lol. I will most likely go for the shoulder length again.