Good Memories.....?

'remember the good times you had together......'


my mother was schizophrenic and I was forcefully removed form her when I was four years old, and had already been in and out of care for neglect and abuse.
It was not her fault i have to make clear. she didn't want to do any of it. it was the voices...

So here I am, arranging her funeral... I don't know her... what does she want.. does she even care..? probably not.
Its all been pushed onto me to arrange, i'm filling in social fund forms and charity forms... i have NO MONEY!!

And I miss my mum... or at least what could and should have been

what good memories......??

seeing a woman rock in the corner of a room, begging me to tell her where i lived... screaming and shouting at social workers... grabbing me.. hurting me..,. stinking of smokes and beer...

I am satisfied that yes, she loved me dearly... but I have no memory of this

taffytats taffytats
26-30, F
Jan 18, 2011