I Had To Cut My Mother Out Of My Life

My story is so complicated that I don't where to begin.  My mother has always been very selfish and only thought of herself.  I am so hurt and angry by the things that she has pulled over the last 42 years.  The straw that broke the camels back was when she took my children to another state without my consent or knowledge.  She lied to my relatives and said that I was a drug addict and then she filed for custody of my kids without my knowledge and had me served!  I was lucky enough to have a relative that told me where she lived.  I went to her door and took my children.  I went to court 3 weeks ago and her petition for custody was DENIED and THROWN OUT.  Now I am so furious that I can't bear the thought of ever speaking to her again.  She messed up our lives (my brother and I) when we were kids and now she seems to think that she can mother my kids!  Has anyone ever been to hurt to cry?  That's where I'm at.
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Oh my... If this helps you at all I would like to share, I have a mother doing something similar to me, however I am 24 years old and it is killing me... When my sisters and brothers and I were younger my mother tore us up by telling us lies about my bio dad, well then she made my dad lose us to her... Now the day before thanksgiving of 2011 my mother went to court out of no where and took custody of my son, three hours later I got my son back by going to court myself... I have had an on going battle since that date where she is accusing my Fiancé of abusing my son, which is far from true, this is the same stuff she pulled with us kids when we were little... As of today, my fiancé wants to leave so that she doesn't get him put away, because that is her ultimate goal, thinking that she will get me back in the end, Which she NEVER will have me in her life again, no matter how hard she tries... I have never been so happy in my life and the very first time I am it gets destroyed because she has to be a self conceded *****. If you would like to hear more of what's going on in my life, please feel free to contact me and I can fill you in about everything... It is a lot more in depth and I by all means do not want to take away from your posting... Please know that there are other's out there going through what you are going through and would be glad to become friends and maybe work things through with each other...

Cut her out. Change the phone number. Get an order of protection. Sorry kid like me you got a rotten one.Don't let anyone "guilt" you about it either. If you had cancer of the body you would want it taken out well this is cancer of the heart...be done with it before it spreads to your children.

thank you for sharing i had my 14 year old daughter put with some people and collect welfare money for her by my mother, she was a runaway didnt want any rules so my mom pulled this and denies it to this day, and went to a boss of mine at ajob said something about me and it cost me my job it goes on and on i emailed all of it and her response is im sick and a liar of all i confronted her on . i am sad she can deni all shes done to my adult life behind my back. i want nothing to do with her no more harm , thanks for your story

You have a toxic mother...its no fun. You should check out this site ...........http://www.daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.com/.........A lot of the information rang true for me. Im sad today thinking about my mother, shes also a selfish woman. Im pleased you got your kids back and no wonder you dont want to talk to her again, i wish i had that luxury lol . Take care : )