A Testicle Fantasy Come True

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the person involved.

I had been reading many of the stories in Eunuch Archives regarding castration, penectomy, and nullification. Realizing that most, if not all, the stories were fiction, I noticed how simple the castration procedure seemed to be in all of the stories. The procedure seemed to involve cutting open the scrotum, whereupon the testicle is freed. By pulling the testicle down, the cord and blood vessels attaching the testicle to the body could be tied off. By clipping them, the testicle would be released from the body. Unfortunately for me, this description is not entirely true.
From a very young age, I was curious about my body and bodily functions. In fact, I majored in Biology in college to learn as much as I could about how all of the biological systems of a living organism function. The largest real animal I was able to dissect and study in any real detail was a frog during high school biology. I had seen films of other animal dissections and had read well-illustrated books on organ systems of various animals, so I was generally familiar with the digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, and nervous system. It was the reproductive system that stimulated my curiosity the most. I had always wanted to know what my testicles would look like outside of their enclosing scrotum, but the fear of pain similar to that experienced when I had been hit in the testicles while playing baseball was enough to dampen my curiosity.
At this point let me digress. I am 67 years old and my wife is no longer having sex with me due to a complete hysterectomy with ovary removal and a case of diabetes. I have no purpose in life and I'm just waiting to die, so what better time to explore my life-long curiosity. I have had both hips and my right knee replaced within the past two years. During the healing phase, I was prescribed Arixtra, a drug that is injected into the belly fat to prevent blood clots from the operations from entering the heart, lungs, and brain. I had always been squeamish about receiving shots and now I was going to have to inject myself in the stomach every day for two weeks after each operation. I found that giving myself shots was no big deal. The needle was small and sharp and entered the skin relatively easily. I kept a few of the needles and used them to try to withdraw ***** directly from my testicles. I thought the pain would be unbearable, but found that after the needle penetrated the skin of the scrotum, there was virtually no pain as the needle entered the testicle. I tried this a number of times, but only got a small amount of clear fluid occasionally. Next, I decided to see how long a pin or needle I could insert into my scrotum and testicles. I tried several size needles and pins and arrived at hatpins as pins long enough to penetrate my scrotum, pass completely through my testicle and emerge on the other side of my scrotum. What I learned from this activity is that sewing needles and pins do not pass through the skin or connective tissue as easily as hypodermic needles, and most of the pain of the needle going in occurs in the outer layer of skin. I also learned that there is a very tough sheath of connective tissue enclosing each testicle.
Going back to the original story, as I said, I had always wondered what my testicles would look like outside of my scrotum. Since I determined that my scrotum was not very sensitive to pain, I wiped my scrotum thoroughly with alcohol and coated it with Ora-Gel, a pain numbing gel containing benzocaine. Next, I found a new single-edged razor blade and wiped it down with alcohol. I used the razor to cut a 1 1/2 long gash across my scrotum over the left testicle. I figured that this would be a hole large enough to squeeze my testicle out of my scrotum. When I tried to squeeze my testicle out, only a small part would poke through the hole in my scrotum. I tried to reach in with my little finger to force the testicle out, but it wouldn’t budge. I finally got a pair of surgical scissors I had taken home from a previous operation and wiped them down with alcohol. I used the scissors to snip through the connective tissue connecting the testicle to the scrotum. After cutting most of the testicle free, I was able to get the testicle out of the scrotum, but it was not as free as I thought it would be. I was unable to grab the testicle and pull it to expose the blood vessels and cord that held the testicle to the body, as the stories in Eunuch Archives would indicate. I pushed the testicle back inside my scrotum and used dental floss to sew up the gash.
It’s probably just as well that I was unable to expose the cord and blood vessels connecting my left testicle to my body. I probably would have tried to cut the testicle off and eat it like the people in the Eunuch Archives stories frequently do. At the current time, four days after the incision was made, my scrotum is swollen on the left side and there is some minor discomfort if I move the wrong way, but the incision doesn’t seem to be infected, although it is still seeping a small amount of blood. I will try to keep you updated on my progress in healing, if I have time and there seems to be any interest from you readers out there.
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This is fascinating. I've had fantasies of doing the very same thing myself.

Thanks great i want to do the same to myself

My submissive TS girl wants her balls removed at home so she can watch...wants to in fact be a eunuch with balls gone and **** useless...

Would she do me at the same time as u

I am 72 and like you there is not sex in my marriage except what my hand provides. I have started to cut the underside of my penis and preformed a meatotomy to allow larger objects to be inserted down the urethra. It is sexually stimulating to **** yourself. I don't know if I will go any further with a subincision.

There is a line that goes down the center of the scrotum. Make an incision about 1 inch long along that line. Then squeeze gently on the scrotum above the testicles and they can be poped out and poped in but pop them out one at a time

it\'s \"popped\", and the testicle can only be moved a few inches without cutting a lot of connective tissue.

I used befor a razor blade when I open my penis completly

Me too<br />
I am thinking to open my scrotum to see my testicle, and iI tried once to open it by knife but I did`t continue.

Why did you not continue? If the pain was too great, use a razor blade instead of a knife, and use a local anesthetic ointment to deaden the pain. With a razor blade, there shouldn't be much pain at all.

I have thought of doing that and also wrote to a hospital on the cost , the cost was over £3000 and I just don't have that sort of money so I will have to live with them :(<br />
PS , I'm glad you healed ok , and your heart is OK

It was more embarrassing and frightening than funny. I knew I wasn't mentally ill, but I had read stories that men who castrate themselves may be placed in mental institutions because of the fear of them hurting themselves. I definitely didn't want to be committed.

I laughed my butt off thinking about your doc sending you to the shrink! Very Funny!

Unfortunately, because I was going to have to go into the hospital for a heart catheterization and I hadn't healed yet, I had to go to my GP, who thought I was crazy, so sent me to a psychologist and a urologist. The urologist said I would heal OK, but it would take another month or two and the psychologist said I was a bit unusual, but not crazy. It has healed OK with no after effects. Also, I have no problem with my heart.

wow that's something i had never heard you are either crazy or brave not sure which, not condemning you just sort a shocked and awed by the whole thing i hope you healed well and didn't need to see a doctor for it