25 Years Of Frustration Coming To A Head

I am known to most people as a very upbeat person. But, after I turned 25 in 2012, something went terribly wrong. In June of 2012, after realizing that I had 1) had bad social skills, 2) no GF, 3) girls shunning me due to #1, 4) my parents driving me up the wall numerous times, I did what had previously been considered unthinkable: I cut myself.

That's right; after 25 years, I could no longer try and keep my upbeat personality in spite of bad times, so I took an X-Acto knife and cut my wrists for 10 minutes. Then, I realized I was slowly passing out, and then an Ambulance came. They told me I had come at least 'a few minutes' of dying due to the deep wounds I had incurred onto myself.

I was released from the hospital a day or so later; they had saved me because two of the doctors that helped me put pressure on my wounds.

Thankfully, I have tried and put back on my happy personality, and knowing full on well that slitting one's wrist is NEVER the answer; my upbeat attitude is the one positive force that has kept me going in life, and I shouldn't crack at all.
hollywoodotaku hollywoodotaku
26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012