Pain Is The Game

I guess I could say I am different from all of you,But in all reality I'm not that different. I don't see a point to live. I cut way too often,and i go out of my way to do things that i know will hurt. i would rather deal with the physical pain than have to think about the emotional problems. I'm the girl who tells my friends to never give up,that suicide and self harm are bad,That they are so better than that, but I can't even believe my own words.Im only 14 and yet I feel that something is wrong with me. I'm too skinny, My hands are too big for my Arms,that my feet are disgusting. I feel like I'm a misfit. I've delt with bullies all my life. And my arms have a story of there own.
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13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I'm the same way. :/

hey sweetheart. i understand completely how you feel. im 13 and i self harm and contemplate suicide everyday but yet im still the girl that is always there for her friends telling them they deserve to live and be happy and that they shouldn't self harm because its bad. i understand completely where your coming from. inbox me if you would like xxx

Thank you<3

Live for yourself and damn to others , don 't give a **** to what others think because words really hurts and can kill ..try to travel and stop seeing yourself that way because people will do the same , tell you rself that you are beautiful that you love who you are and believe me others will feel it also .