The Cut

Here we go. From 5 th grade till 8 th grade i was bulled by my classmates, because i was looking weird, talking weird and had another kind of ideas. They was calling me looser, emo. Sometimes they said me to go to die. They destroied me, my mental health and so on. Now i became scarry to people, im ******* them off. I't just because I have a weird nature of being myself. Actually i knew that people can cut, but I never was thinking about it. Once I was at school and i was angry, and staying in school desk at lessons I took a sharp thing and I made a cut on y hand, my desk mate noticed it and started to shut at me to stop. And I stopped. 1 week ago i went to shop and I bough a knife for cutting paper. In the next day I got angry on my friend and i went home and made 5 little cuts on my arm, just because her. She doesn't know that that cuts i have because of her ignorance on me. Now it became a habit, every time when i get angry I start to make little cuts on my arm. I want to stop it because I know that with time it will get worse and i will want more deep cuts.
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yea ive been doing it for 3 years now. my addvice plz stop why you not addicted to it. that how it started with me beside i was mad at my parents for screwing up my life and the i started geting mad at ever body and thing. so i cut every time i get mad and now i wish i would of never started because i cut when i feel any thing even when im happy. if i could go back i would of never started. im just giveing you some addvice its not worth it inthe end and if you ever need to talk im here=>

I'm Glad you're trying to stop before it gets bad.. Alot of the problem with people doing it is that they don't want to stop because they want it to get that bad.. But there are some who really want to stop but can't.. That is usually when you have been doing it for such a long time and you're addicted.. But I believe in you and wish you the best of luck with quitting..

And if you ever need to talk im here for you... :D

Thank you :) I hope i will can stop, because if my mom will notice it it will get bad :D sure wanna talk on messages?