To Make Me A Man.

I feel like i dont go through enough physical pain sometimes, and I really feel like if I take the slightest injury from someone ill freak out. Id be useless in a fight. So I cut myself to toughen up and prepare for what surely is to come one day. I've never really been in a fight, but at least ill know what im getting myself into if someone brings out a knife... Well, somewhat. I cut for the first time a few days ago into my chest and I did it today on my shoulder. Its not so horrible. I used to hate people that cut, but now I understand them a little better.
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Well that's different, I have to admit. I know what you mean though.<br />
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Most people cut because they feel worthless, guilt, any negative feelings like that, and feel as if they need to be punished. Sometimes when they're hurting inside, they want to feel the pain on the outside to distract them. Or if they're like me, they do it for the pain and the blood.<br />
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You could always try exercising. You know, get some more muscles. That would make you stronger, although it wouldn't really increase your ability to stand pain. But it would give you a bigger advantage if your opponent is sort of weak.