If It Was A Little More Deeper

i have a few marks from cutting... though i thought they are not so deep, they leave some scars if you look closely. i have one deep scar on my left wrist, that was the only time i cut myself so deep, my blood spilled all over my desk... secretly, i wished i had cut much deeper and died. but it has been a year now since i cut myself... it got me a few stitches and they were ugly. but it reminds me of how tortured i was emotionally, how much pain you caused me... still, i am with you. it's just a matter of time i'm gonna say that goodbye and never ever ever ever look back at us, as there is nothing i could look at without feeling sad. dying because of you is definitely not worth it. i think there is more than this $hitty drama u gave me.... i know there will be that one person who will accept me as i am, who will love me for who i am, sad, happy, angry, whatever $hit i can give. and that one person will be sincere towards me, never pretend... i know. but right now i just gotta live my life the way i want it, not letting others tell me what to do.
LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010