I usually try to cut pretty deep but last night I cut deeper than i ever had,
about 4 times on my left shoulder i have huge long slashes & i tried to play volleyball today and they were still bleeding bc of the movement.
i want to get stitches, but it's too late. i have enough scars already and if i tell my parents i'm screwed. :'( I'm so dumb..I took it a little too far this time.
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6 Responses Aug 13, 2010

make sure u clean ur arm and tape it closed then if ur ready, try togo to councelling. i hope ur ok keep me updated

Aww crap. I hpoe your arm is fine now. :)

I just meant that if I told them my mom would be upset again..which makes me feel even worse

I've done the same thing you cant rush to tell your parents they were the last people i told but you should get help somehow and learn how to stop im still in the process so if you need someone to talk to add me as a friend and ill talk to you whenever because i know what your going through and its hard to deal with but you can do it :)

Indeed, you could use a little wake up call.

By screwed what do you mean? I hope they are supportive and don't punish you for it. Maybe you need to tell your parents so they can help you get help, I wish my mom would have done that for me.