I have been cutting since sixth grade. I just can't seem to stop, theres not a night that I don't fall asleep craving to cut into my skin and feel the pain and realease of all my emotions. Nothing gives me the relief that cutting does. I've tried everything- running, writing, music, elastics, ice cubes, talking, meditation.. and so on. Nothing does it for me it just puts off the time a little longer until I do it and by that time my urge is worse which means my cuts are worse. I feel so trapped by this addiction. It's hard to try and keep from family and friends not that they really care. I can't remember what it even feels like to not need this. I feel anxious, overwhelmed, like I can't live with out it. I just want to escape from it all.
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5 Responses May 25, 2011

i understand fully i feel the same way ....

same with you i hope things get better for you. im just ready to give up.

i totally understand i am the same when i was about 15-16 i use to run as fast and as far as i could untill i could run nomore that helped at the time but then i started cutting at about 17 and have been ever since i want to stop but i can't nothing can replace the feeling/relief i get from cutting i am sorry i can't help but i do hope you find something that helps you to stop

i just don't think i can ever stop. its the only thing that keeps me sane.

me too! i totaly agree with every word you wrote