I Did And Almost Did Last Night

i use to cut my self i would even go as far as carving words on my arms i had love and hate i had one of best friend's name on my arm i have and did cut for the longest time and then one day one of best friends found out and where mad so then i stop and i was clean for a year the when school started again after summer my best friend started hating me and so i was soo sad and i started back to where i was a year ago depressed and alone but then the one day i was at school and i was out side crying to my self and then i hear some one ask me what is wrong and i looked up and saw a emo guy and for some reason i just told him because i knew i could trust him and then as weeks when on my new friend nick helped me stop the cutting and i helped stop him from cutting and sure it get hard and we just want to give up i felt that way but and i almost did but i just kept waiting and the one day came where i found my best friend and i found a way to come out of it and sometime i want to cut again but i don't because i know someone is here for me and that they will always be here for me when i am soo glad i waited
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awwe thanks