'thats Not That Bad'

My friends don't help. They see my cuts... Well most of them. Mostly they say 'that's not bad' and I don't think they ever realized how much that ****** me off. It Makes me think they want me to do it. It makes me feel like theyre saying its okay continue doing it. They usually make it worst. Unlike what most people say I don't want attention, I want to feel good or at least better than I feel. When I cut I feel better for a few days or a week but it's never enough. I used to do it on my legs but I recently moved to my arm. I've been trying to stop, whenever I feel like cutting I write, draw, or listen to music. It helps.
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1 Response May 4, 2012

For someone to sit there and say "that's not bad" is disgraceful! Friends or strangers, cutting yourself is never and never will be something that's ok to do. It will always be a bad option in life. I cut myself a lot - it's not something I like to do, it's not something that I want to do. It's my weak spot, I find cutting my self relieves a lot. Takes a tiny fraction of weight off my shoulders. When you start cutting it does turn into a habit, it does turn into something which is uncontrollable, nothing seems to help the temptation I get when I feel the need to cut. It's a good thing you're trying to stop, as it's a dangerous thing to do. As it can lead to infections, death etc. I don't believe you cut yourself for "attention" as I know I don't.. a lot of people don't but what you do need to do is tell your "so called friends" that it isn't okay to say "that's not bad - " because it is bad, friends should be supportive and encouraging you NOT to do it. If they can't do that then they aren't worthy of your time. Keep your chin up, I believe in you -

I don't get why they say it's not so bad, they cut too. But there's isn't as bad.... They don't understand why I get mad when they do it... Its, like you said, not healthy. It's a bad way to cope with feelings and makes me feel worst when I see the scars.

If they cut too they must seem to think it's the "trend" for them to come out with it's not so bad. Disgraceful if you ask me. If one of my "so called friends" turned around and said that my scars and cuts weren't so bad I would show them the door. I don't allow people like that in my life - I only keep and make time for those who support me. Like I support them. It is a bad way, I know what you mean. Just keep your head up.