What Friends Are For.

My best friend found out that i started cutting myself again, which i knew would happen at some point. She was mad at me, she never liked it and the fact that i had stoped doing it really set her off. I love her but she lives four hours away from each other, and traveling dosen't really work out with us. To be honest tho i have very few things that i can take enjoyment in, and many more family friend issues that stress me out. She dosen't understand it and i don't expect her to or anyone to but this is how i cope with what is happening.

Now she along with another one of my really good friends won't talk to me unless they have drama they want to talk about then as soon as i need to talk they have to go or they don't answer the fone or text me back. I guess i can't blame them. i blame myself my actions drove them away and i'll have to deal with that at some point. At least now i know what friends are for.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Don't be mad at yourself cuz girl it isn't your fault at all!!! You are just being you and they are being stuck up snobs. I have the same problem... All they want to do is talk about them selves 110% of the time. Girly if you ever wanna talk message me!!! :)