Is It Really That Big Of A Deal?

Ok so I cut and have been cuttingfor almost a year and a half and my boyfriend had no clue I did until yesturday. He came over to hangout and we were sitting on my back porch and I had my legs in his lap and I was wearing shorts. Well I forgot that I had two scars from cutting and he saw them and asked me bout it and I couldn't lie..... So I told him and I showed him my stomach were all my cuts were and he started crying. He said that this wasn't good and that he was gonna help me through this! :) how sweet is that but.... He took all my razor blades sooooo either I have to go buy more or stop.. I think I'm going to the store soon
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

when you cut not only physically hurt hurt the ones you love too..nobody wants to see their friends/family/love go through any kind of pain and would be willing to do whatever they can to help you stop. i am here if you need to talk

Your boyfriend taking you blades is a BIG step. Especially when you weren't expecting it.<br />
You shouldn't go to the store to get more blades. Try do something else. You can message me whenever if you ever need to talk.<br />
Please try your best to stop. Things will only get worse and you never know when that last cut will be.