A Story Told Without Words

I've been told my scars told a story,
They were my words when I had none,
But when hours fade into days that never end
I see myself reflected in your eyes
And I hate the way I'm wearing all these lies

Their carved across my body,
My back reads 'I'm Okay'
My stomach bleeds out the words 'Not my fault'

But across all of me,
I'm crying out louder then I could ever scream,
Written in small cuts across my body,
Says three words,
'Please help me'

I've asked so many times..
But its what I didn't say,
Couldn't say.
And I hate myself for what I didn't do,
So I hold my breath so you wont hear me scream

Words were lost to me for so long..
It was just one more night,
Hating myself for what I couldn't do,
What I couldn't do for you,

When I saw my reflection in your eyes,
I was glass,
Cracked glass that nobody would ever want.

Should've known better, now
All I have left is a permanent stain
The only part of you I get to keep forever
To prove I lived this pain
I remember he would spit on me,
strangle me,
grab my neck,

Whisper in my ear that I would never win,
never be loved,
never escape
I deserved none of it.

And what did I do?
I stayed silent.
I let him write stupid all across my body,
I let him bruise me,
Hurt me,
Kill me if he wanted,
Just another job I wouldn't have to do.

But I was killing myself slowly,

Taking out sections of my skin daily,
popping pills to take away the pain,
praying I wouldn't wake up.

But what God was I praying too?
What happens when your praying for your own ending?
He answered in a differnt way.

He gave me an angel,
He gave me you..

When there was so much blood,
and my skin was white as the snow,
You would take my head,
Kiss my forehead and tell me
'Look up.'

You didn't want me to see how I distroyed myself,
didnt want me to see I was slipping,
I was broken,
But I looked up as you gently taped me back together,
I am a makeshift experiment of a human person.

But I still look up and thank God everyday for giving me you

My gaurdian angel always,
always there when it was almost too late,
You dragged me deeper into my own personal hell
for my own good.

But it was the secrets told on my own skin,
from the silence that would never end,
I always loose in the end,
but in the end,
its what i didnt say.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
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Beautifully written, you have a way with words. Add me please.

thank you and sure thing!

Haven't seen your adding of me