It's Society's Fault.

If people are SO against cutting and all the other kind of bullshi*, then they should cut the crap and stop making us feel like crap. If we shouldn't do this, then it shouldn't be so easy to do it. I shouldn't be able to break apart razors and sharpeners as easily as I can. WE should not be blamed for the pressure we are put under, it's EVERYONE elses fault for making us do this no matter what they say. I'm sure this is not how everybody that does this would choose to live. So all the ASSHOL** can go FUC* OFF because I am DONE with every single one of them, they can no longer tell me what I do is wrong, I will KEEP doing it just to **** them off
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I'm sorry, I completely disagree. I was a cutter for years, and I have no one to blame but myself. Sharp ob<x>jects are not made with the intent for us to use them to hurt ourselves. They all have a purpose, and are necessary for most people to have. I lived in facilities where they took every precaution in the book to keep us from cutting, but because I CHOSE to do it, I was able to. Go ahead and choose to keep doing it. You're only hurting yourself.