Swim Suits..

I cut my inner thigh close to the top because I figured it would be covered by my swimsuits.. I just put one on and they aren't hidden. If anyone sees my scars I am going to be disowned by everyone.. I don't know what to do..
Sillygirl14 Sillygirl14
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I use do it but i am now an excutter now because people don't **** me off and aggravate me as much as they use to anymore

I am also a cutter and cut on my outter thigh. I made the mistake of not cutting high enough, and the scars are visible. This time the scars arent going away for a while, and i wish i had remembered to cut higher up so i could hide it. (and no, i have no wish to 'get help' to stop cutting. Im content the way i am)

u should be working towards stopping, help or no help.
this made me sad

good luck i cut on my arm and those are hard to hide but cutting anywhere else is uncomfortable

I am a competitive swimmer and I hide my cuts by wearing shorts when I am out of the water and when I am in the water if anyone notices I just say I don't know. Im really clumsy so I just say I probably tripped.... It works every time! :) if you want to message me please do!

Hold on, you girls are seriously discussing how you can hide the scars, why don't you discuss how we can avoid cutting. And Sillygirl you laugh so much in your profile and what is the need to cut.

Where do I laugh on my profile?

I cannot see it properly, the picture is small. But, what is appearing here beside your name, you are grinning wide. LOL

I'm photogenic I suppose because I rarely have a genuine smile. Especially in pictures.

i did the same thing growing up, i learned to wear swim trunks that i got from the mens section.

I have like boy short swim suits, but I guess when I cut it's a little lower than I thought..