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im seventeen ive been cutting for over four years now and im now entering all my stressful years like upper sixth and applying for uni's and my grades are pretty bad and im completely stuck in this cutting habbit. ive told only my boyfriend about cutting and hes been trying to help me for almost a year but i just cant stop i just cant and i dont even know if i want too :-( i dont know how to get out of it but i know im not going to be able to do it on my own ive tried ive been trying for four years but i havent been able to do it and i saw this site and i saw the stories on it and i just was wondering if anyone could help and tell me if there is any way i can get extra help without letting my parents know? i cant let them know ive told them before about three years ago and they helped they treid too but i couldnt go off on my own without them getting worried and i dont want to put them through it again
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I wrote the intinals of all the ppl i was trying to stop for on my arm where i wouldcut myself, that way when i wouldgo to cut myself iwould remeber them. It didn't alsways work but it helped out extremly more than i thought it would have.

try the rubber band method. keep a rubber band on you wrist and whenever you want to cut, snap the rubber band.

Are you christen faith??? Please message me with the answer!