Look Away

You tell me to shut up

So now I cant say a word

How else will I speak to you?

Ill show you how I feel.

Im gonna draw a picture,
A picture with a twist,

My pencil is a razor blade,
and the paper is my wrist.

Hide my wrists,
hide my face,

That wasnt me,
Im not that weak,

Take the pills,
They're good at making me forget,

forget you
forget me
forget what went wrong
forget everything

Ugly, ugly, ugly,
your scars are so ugly
they say

Stop it stop it stop it
not a chance,

progressive, efficiant, effective
at slicing open my own skin

down my arms,
my wrists,
my back,
my thighs,
my stomach

ugly, pesky little cuts
cover my entire body

i am pleased, i have forgotten,

i burn my cut up wrists,
there go the cuts,
theyve disappared into the flames,

what do you have to loose,
when you began with nothing?

he calls me a miracle,
that i lived with my story to tell,

i breath,
i eat,
i respond

i am living,
i am fine.

intill no ones watching.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
May 25, 2012