No Cuts For Over A Month!

I've been doing my best to stay busy and keep distracted. After I told my new family about my scars and how I got some of them they have been helping me everytime I get depressed or angry. Their support really does make a big difference I never had before. I love doing stuff with them and don't care if i ever make real friends with anyone else as long as I have them. So far it has ben 6 weeks and absolutely NO cutting! Im kinda proud too. My counselor and doctor are happy about it too. I still have my bad depression times and i take medication for that too, but my family helps me avoid cutting. I hope I can keep up my good distractions and maybe inspire someone else to eventually quit all together. It really is hard but im trying hard too.
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I'm very proud of you! Keep up the amazing work. I am 4 years clean of cutting & I now help people who are going through the same things I did & it truly feels amazing to help! Best of luck to you and stay strong, life is tough, but the struggles make you stronger and wise! Much love, Brittney xoxo

Awesome! Thx! where do you help them? how? I would like to do something like that maybe later after I been not cutting for a long time like you.

Good for you! I'm so glad that your new family is so supportive, and that they're willing and able to help. I'm proud of you, and keep up the good work :)

Thanks! I will!

I am proud of you .
And it does take lot to do it.
I no .
I use to .
But you look at the scares and they are there.
And the pain gone.
And I am very poud of you .
And you keep it up.
And I am in and out and you need someone
to talk and I will listen.
Be proud of you that you did.
Don't forget to take your medicine.

Thanks I appreciate it!