Sweet Blade

No more worries, no more thoughts, just the thin red line. Nothing but the gentle feeling of burn. It's not there to make me feel bad, it's there to make me feel better. I don't cut because i want to die, i cut because i want to live.
ImmaSlender ImmaSlender
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

<p>Why not focus on setting goals for yourself to feel alive and useful? I've noticed that when I'm working, I feel much better. Join some kind of volunteer group and help other people. Visit neighbors and ask them how they're doing...that you're passing by and wanted to chat for a change. Be spontaneous. Cutting yourself today only leads to cutting yourself tomorrow IF that's the only thing that you think makes you feel alive. There are other ways. Seek them out. Get yourself moving and doing something different for others, ok? You've gotta get out of this habit. Its dangerous and at the very least, not helping. It only seems to help; it really doesn't.</p>

Same here