Self Harm Survey

Self Harm Survey

1 How old were you when you started self-harming?


2 How often do you self-harm

I am trying to stop

3 What method of self-harm do/did you primarily use?

Interference with the healing of wounds

4. If You Self Harm What Sexual Orientation Are You?

Questioning Female

5 Which Of These, If Any, Are Something You Struggle With Along With Self-harm?

Suicidal Ideas(check)
Learning Disabilities

6 Do You Think That You (as An Individual) Need Professional Help To Stop Self-harming?

I don’t think I could ever stop with or without Professional help
Not sure

8 Does Anyone Know About Your Self Harm?

Yes, Some Friend(s) And Family Member(s) Know that I do

Who ever sees this post

9 How many years have/had you been self-harming?

2 years cutting

10 If You Self-harm, Were You Abused Or Neglected (either As A Child Or Later In Life)?

Yes, I Was Emotionally And Physically Abused

11. Were You Ever Bullied?

Yes, starting when I was 9 or 10. It has stopped since then

11 Would you label yourself as emo?


12 Do others label you as emo?

Some people

13 What would you or others label you as?

There aren’t really any labels above that fit me

14 What is your reaction when you see other people’s self-harm scars/cuts/marks?

I want to get to know them
I wonder what they went through to feel that was a way out
I want to get as far as possible from them so no one will find out about my own self-harm
I would never even acknowledge them
LittleLion19 LittleLion19
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Hi... I just saw your post... I started SI at the at the age of 9 or 10 after I was sexually molested.. at first it wasn't much.. but it progressed, then it settled down for a while... then came back decades later much much worse. Back when I was a teen, I did it when I was being hurt by people ( as I was molested and raped from 9-19 by five people)... I told but wasn't believed so was angry...and back then I was still young and I used pins as main method. Until it all turned into an eating disorder in early twenties... and then went dormant. Then early forties, came back to bite me.... and a few years ago I started SI again... by cutting horribly, and often when I was put into a treatment facility for my eating disorder ( anorexia) for five months. This I got addicted to... and only just almost six months ago stopped after almost dying from a cut. Sadly, I SI another way still... back to the pins due to flashbacks and memories of my past re-surfacing. If you haven't stopped... I urge you to talk to someone, anyone you can trust... at church, school...somewhere. Get in touch with a counselor but stop it now before it destroys your life. I never thought that what I did over 35 years ago as a coping mechanism because of what others were doing to me... would catch up to me as a middle aged mom and destroy me, humiliate me... and I don't want my kids to look at me, think less of me, learn from me. I have been sent away once for those five months for almost dying because of the anorexia and twice in the last twelve months because of "behavioral issues"... really???? please, get yourself some help , be strong for yourself, because as I have learned, no one can do it for us. I wish you all the best. :)