People Are Pathetic

I started cutting myself when i was 12. I had just lost my brother and i was being bullied.I have always been bullied but when people found out that my brother had died it was worse. People thought it would be funny to use it against me and make fun of me because of it. Back in July i had fallen for a guy and started dating him. Shortly after that people made up a rumor that i had been having sex with my brother and i only missed him because i missed having sex with him. My mom heard these rumors and changed my schools. But it didnt help. I only cut more. I never let my arms show in school but one day someone slapped my arm as hard as they could and my arm started bleeding again. it was out that i am a cutter. That wasnt the only thing people knew. People also found out im bisexual. One day when i went to school i found someone had spray painted "dyke go cut yourself and die." Im 15 now and i honestly dont know how i have made it this far. I have tried to kill myself soo many times but none of them have worked.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Honey, hold on. Bullying hurts more than ANYTHING. It kills to have a world against you.
But you gotta keep going. Cause one day, you'll prove those b*tches wrong. They'll be regretting it. Im not telling you to stop cutting or get better, I know how annoying that is cause I cut myself.
But I'm must asking you to hold on. Stay strong xx :)